Thursday, July 4, 2013

Princess Peach’s Castle is worth nearly $1 Billion Dollars (if it were real)

Movoto Real Estate did a ton of research to figure out exactly how much Princess Peach’s castle from Super Mario 64 would cost to buy. As it turns out, the princess’s digs would go for $950,972,940 on the open market. That’s a lot of gold coins. Natalie Grigson, who runs Movoto’s blog, explained that she figured that price based on location, size, and comparable properties. “The location wasn’t all that difficult to figure out, but when it came to calculating the castle’s size and finding comparable properties, well, that’s when things got ‘Super’ tricky,” wrote Grigson. She goes on to explain how the Mushroom Kingdom’s signature red-and-white mushrooms and a Home Depot listing for wooden double doors helped her figure out the location and size of luxurious property. You can find the full explanation here, and it actually makes for interesting reading. The end result is the following infographic: Read more at

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